John Garvey

“The quality of a

person's life is in

direct proportion to

their commitment to

excellence regardless

of their chosen


~ Vince Lombardi


John hails from the Greater Boston area. He is an alumnus of Boston University where he attended the university's College of Communication and earned a Bachelor’s degree with concentrations in Television Studies and Political Science.

He was hired as a part-time Administrative Sales Assistant at Cleveland Circle Travel (CCT) in 1998 and since then has played an integral role in all aspects of the company's business affairs including sales, operations, accounting, advertising, marketing, technical support, and client relations. He also regularly assisted with clients' corporate and leisure travel planning to all parts of the globe. Over the years, John's hard work and versatility didn't go unnoticed and in 2003 he became the Senior Assistant/Executive Assistant to the president of the company.

In addition to his regular duties, John has also been responsible for a number of special projects during his time with CCT. For example, he developed and implemented a national marketing campaign to promote the agency as a specialist for international airline tickets. He assisted with the development of an online booking division, which considerably increased CCT's website profitability. He provided assistance with trip arrangements for families traveling to China to adopt a child. He also helped coordinate a sales incentive program for one of the company's corporate clients. His work involved designing brochures and flyers to promote the program and he also helped organize trip planning for the program's "Premium Tour" that sent over 200 participants to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. Without question, John has a proven track record of producing results, which has certainly contributed to his success as a first class assistant and a dependable hard worker.

At the end of 2007, John made a tough decision to leave his position in order to pursue new career endeavors. While the economic downturn at the time did not particularly work to his advantage, his full-time employment hiatus still provided a very enriching experience. In addition to undertaking many freelance projects, he also had the opportunity to spend time with family, to reconnect with old friends, and to pursue many of his passions.

In early 2009, John was recruited back to Cleveland Circle Travel in a new capacity. He was re-hired as the company's interim Accounts Receivable Coordinator and was tasked with cleaning up the company's outstanding receivables. At the project’s completion, John had successfully recovered over $75K in overdue payments for the company. He also improved the company's accounting system database and collection procedures so outstanding payments could be tracked more efficiently. As a result of John's hard work and successful efforts, his interim status turned into a permanent position and he was promoted to be CCT's new Accounts Receivable Manager -- a role in which he continues to serve.

When not in the office, John likes taking part in a variety of activities. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially his adorable niece and nephews. He also loves watching great TV shows and movies. Other interests include cooking and baking, traveling, reading, following politics, learning fascinating trivia, eating out, Boston sports, and game nights with friends.